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Remembering The Worst Ad In Mariners History

It’s been four years since this ad first hit the airwaves. I figured I’d take this opportunity to remind you of whimsical suckiness gone by.

The Double Play Twins. Sure, they couldn’t actually turn a double play. But they were pretty good at grounding into them.

On top of that, they did everything together. Brushed their teeth side-by-side, ate cheeseburgers with one another (Jose might’ve had one too many of those), played Connect Four, practiced the accordion, rode bicycles built for two, and probably Eiffel Towered the heck out of unsuspecting jersey chasers. High five!

Try not to let that cheery tune get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. (Jose and Yuuuuuuuuuni…)

And a special thanks to The Red Hydro for bringing this 2007 commercial to my attention. It takes a hydro to really remember the good ol’ days.

If Yuni’s drawing walks, you best be taking a pitch, Ichiro

ichiro2Yuniesky Betancourt drew his first walk of the season with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning Monday night. Betancourt represented the winning run in a one-run ballgame, Texas leading 6-5, with the tying run in Franklin Gutierrez standing on second base.

That brought the Mariners leading man, Ichiro Suzuki, to home plate. No other person we’d rather have at the dish, right? Wrong.

After Texas Rangers’ closer Frank Francisco issued a five-pitch base on balls to the Mariners shortstop, struggling mightily to locate the strike zone, Ichiro should have taken a pitch, maybe two. It’s common knowledge in the baseball world that in that situation, a hitter, no matter how great, gives himself the red light.

Maybe this is where our cultures clash, but what Ichiro did was selfish and flat wrong. The best thing for the team at that point would have been for Ichiro to at least let the first pitch go by, and force Francisco to regain composure in a shaky situation.

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Just call him Yunique

80327338OG010Yuniesky Betancourt is frustrating.

He’s one of those guys that always seems to complement a great play with a bonehead mistake.

He hits a double, then gets picked off second base.

He makes a seemingly impossible diving grab, then let’s a routine ground ball skip beneath his glove.

On top of all that, he has the plate discipline of Vladimir Guerrero on crack. Yuni has never seen a pitch he doesn’t like, and thus hacks at nearly everything that comes his way.

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