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The Obligatory Storm Post

People bug me all the time to write about the Storm. Not a lot of people. Just enough people to get under my skin a bit. I always tell them they don’t want me to write about the Storm, because I’ll tell it like it is, and not like they want it to be. And yet they persist. So I figure it’s time.

First of all, I figure most of you care so little about the Storm that you won’t even read this post. I understand that. Hence, I can reveal even my deepest, darkest secrets here and it won’t matter. You’ll never find out. Maybe at some point farther down this page, that will happen. I don’t know yet. We’ll just have to wait and see.

But enough stalling. Let’s talk about the Seattle Storm.

As it turns out, they’re the best team in basketball right now. Not just women’s basketball. All basketball. No one else happens to be playing, hence they have earned the title kind of by default. Even still, that’s no small feat.

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Seattle Bing Newest Team You Will Continue To Ignore

Word has it that the Seattle Storm have been hijacked and relocated to Oklahoma City. Not that you care.

Anyways, they’ve been replaced by the Seattle Bing. So enjoy that.

The team is reportedly looking into signing Chandler Bing, thus making him the first WNBA player in history to wear his name on the front and back of his jersey. The fact that he has a penis and is therefore likely not eligible to be a part of the league is irrelevant. Likewise, the fact that he is fictional is also irrelevant.

For those not in the know, Bing is the name of Microsoft’s new search engine launched within the past year. Apparently, AdultFriendFinder wasn’t willing to put up the same advertising dollars for product placement across these ladies’ chests. Go figure.

Short Drops

Out of sheer anger, we've posted the most embarrassing Chip Caray photo we could find.
Out of sheer anger, we've posted the most embarrassing Chip Caray photo we could find.

A series of short rants and raves on various topics in sports. For your perusal.

Playoff baseball on TBS has got to stop. MLB is just shooting themselves in the foot by partnering with Turnervision for this monstrosity that they call a broadcast. Chip Caray can’t tell a hit from an out, and Dick Stockton is like 90 years old. In protest and mock jest of their pseudo-competition, ESPN should compile all of Caray’s and Stockton’s flubs at the end of the night and play them in rapid-fire succession, meshing a “Boom goes the dynamite!” track between each faux pas. Or just devote the entire Not Top Ten to them.


How come TBS hasn’t cranked up How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days for a two-week marathon run yet? They’ve got the perfect lead-in with their A-Rod/Kate Hudson lovefest each night, and what better way to capture the female demographic, am I right? To be honest, I’m a little surprised that Alex and Kate are still together. Apparently he hasn’t figured out that she doesn’t have boobs, and she hasn’t realized that he’s a total douchebag. Where’s Madonna in all this, anyways? This relationship they have going on is starting to resemble Jim and Pam. We need some fire.

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