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And Then There Were Two…

You probably didn’t see the Texas Rangers beat the New York Yankees tonight and clinch the first World Series berth in their franchise’s history. I understand. It’s a Friday evening. It’s football season. Basketball season is nearly upon us. The Mariners have been dead for five months. I get it.

To be perfectly honest, I can’t say I physically witnessed this momentous occasion, either. I was at the mall, tooling around. Frankly, I still enjoy the vibe at the mall on a Friday night. I worked at the mall for eight frickin years. There are 52 Fridays in a year. Multiply that by eight years. You get 416 Fridays. I wager I spent at least 250 of those Fridays working at the mall between 2001 and 2009. Think about that. 250 Fridays. My God. I can’t even believe it myself. If I wasn’t half-Asian and therefore half-good at math I’d go back and recalculate my work.

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History Says Teams Would Be Better Off Passing On Strasburg

strasburgStephen Strasburg is arguably the most talked about name in college baseball these days.

The towering 6’5″ starting pitcher can throw a baseball consistently in the upper 90s, and frequently at 100 MPH or more. On top of that, the San Diego State product possesses an impressive offspeed pitch in an 80-plus MPH slurve (slider-curveball) that he uses to strike out hapless opponents.

Almost assuredly, Strasburg will become the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s Major League Baseball amateur draft held in June. That pick is owned by the Washington Nationals, who say they plan to explore all options before settling on any one player. Right.

The Nationals are in a position where they are almost forced to take Strasburg, as was previously admitted by former Washington general manager Jim Bowden. Passing on the prodigy would be as close to franchise suicide as any organization can get in this day and age, and require a tedious explanation to a fan base hungry for Strasburgmania to reach the nation’s capitol.

But what does history have to say about all this?

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