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Playing Oregon Trail With Loathed Seattle Sports Figures

If you haven’t heard the big news, The Internet Archive recently released over 2,000 classic MS-DOS games to play for free online. One of the free games available is seminal childhood favorite, The Oregon Trail.

Because I’m still a 10-year-old at heart, I seized the opportunity to play one of my all-time favorite computer games once again.

Knowing I might not immediately possess the proper skill to conquer the Trail after a two-decade layoff, I opted to feel my way through the linear, two-dimensional world of middle America with a party of Seattle’s least-favorite sports figures. That party consisted of:

1. A young’n named “Cyler.”

2. Another young’n named “Ayala.”

3. An adolescent named “Figgins.”

4. An older fellow named “Chone.”

5. A leader named “Wakamatsu,” who we can only imagine would often fight with Chone and Figgins.


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73-year-old JuCo basketball player ruled ineligible after flunking Spanish. Disgusted Ernie Kent rescinds scholarship offer.

Steelers kicker Jeff Reed guilty of abusing paper towel dispenser. This is not a joke.

“PoIndexter helps Washington pad lead in Pac-10.” Exact heading (minus the formatting) taken from SI.com. In a related story, Washington self-reports rules infraction for inserting mystery player not previously on roster, Poindexter, into lineup prior to gametime.

Rays’ skipper Maddon calls Wakamatsu a “five-tool manager.” Jarrod Washburn reacts angrily to the insult…four other tools yet to be named.

Sounders Super Search winner Oliveira no longer a Sounder. Hey! What was all that one in a million talk? Also, please reference THIS ARTICLE in which I question the integrity of reality TV.

Tech’s Crabtree willing to fight through injury to run at Combine. And in a completely unrelated note, Shaun Alexander is still looking for work, in case you happen to be an NFL GM in need of a running back.