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The Changing Narrative of A Loathed, Loved, and Enabled Steve Sarkisian

sarkA disease. A medical condition. A weakness. A flaw. An addiction.

Alcoholism is labeled in a number of different ways, which might be why it’s so hard for us to determine how we feel about it. It makes us sad, confused, angry, frustrated, hurt. Sometimes, amidst the laughter and jubilation of the atmosphere in which it is cultivated, we don’t even know we’re staring an alcohol problem straight in the eye. So as it cooks and bubbles and rises to the surface like hot magma inside a rumbling volcano, we pretend it’s not even there, that it’s not a thing.

We joke about it, we chuckle at every one of our friends we deem a borderline alcoholic, and we keep the party going until that climactic moment when we simply cannot rage any longer. And then, suddenly, it’s not fun anymore.

This is where we find Steve Sarkisian.

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A Rant About Kevin O’Neill

First of all, Kevin O’Neill is a dick. That really goes without saying, but where’s the fun in not saying it? He’s a dick. Let it be known.

If you don’t believe me, check the internet. There’s evidence all over the web. A Google search of “Kevin O’Neill dick” returns 17,600,000 results. SEVENTEEN-MILLION! By contrast, a Google search of “Alex Akita dick” only returns 1,310,000 results. Clearly, he’s seventeen times worse than me as a human being.

Oh, and for safety’s sake, don’t click through to Google Images on either of those searches. Probably not a good idea.

Secondly, Kevin O’Neill is not that good of a basketball coach. He just isn’t. Some people think he is, but those people are idiots.

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Mayo was Floyd’s high-class whore

Assume the position.
Assume the position.

Everything about the OJ Mayo-Tim Floyd saga comes across as dirty.

Here’s Mayo, sometime in 2006, contacting Floyd unexpectedly, telling the USC basketball coach he wants to play for the Trojans. The risk: Mayo is likely gone after one year (which happened to be the case). The reward: Mayo has the potential to give Floyd a run at the national title in that sole season (USC made the NCAA Tournament, but couldn’t escape the opening round).

Now here’s OJ Mayo at a preseason practice in 2007, breaking the jaw of starting point guard Daniel Hackett with a well-located punch to the chops.

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