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College basketball a breeding ground for prostitution

78244075VD004_WSU_V_UCLAImagine coming home one day, walking into your bedroom, and finding your wife sleeping with the University of Virginia.  “Oh, UVA, I loved it when you had Sean Singletary and Chris Long on campus at the same time,” your wife would moan just as you walked in.

“What the *bleep* is going on here?!” you’d scream.  “Why is Al Groh firing his son in our bathroom?!  And was that Ralph Sampson making a sandwich in the kitchen?”

“It’s not what it looks like,” she’d say, “we’re just friends….”

But in reality it is what it looks like, and they aren’t just friends.  They’ve been sleeping together, cheating on you for some time now, pulling the wool over your eyes.

In the end, they’ll run off together and make millions of babies like jackrabbits in a beautiful meadow, while you’re left to wallow in your own self-pity and contemplate whether or not your unwillingness to live outweighs your desire to make a quick run to McDonalds for 12 Big Macs.

It sounds horrible, and it is.

No one deserves to feel like this, but today, that’s exactly how fans of Washington State basketball feel. Yesterday, in a stunning move, they lost their cheating head coach, Tony Bennett, to the Virginia Cavaliers.

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Tony Bennett screws WSU, heads to Virginia

tonybennett1Congratulations to former Washington State basketball coach Tony Bennett for providing our WTF Moment of the Year.  After years of deceiving everyone with his “I love Pullman” talk, Bennett just royally betrayed all of Cougar nation by bolting for the head coaching vacancy at the University of Virginia.  I know.  I completely forgot that UVA existed, too.

To call this move a head-scratcher would be a complete understatement.  First off, Bennett has a pretty good thing going at WSU, where the expectations are low, and he can mask his coaching and recruiting deficiencies by playing hard-nosed defense and flying under the radar.  Not so at Virginia, where the unassuming Wisconsin boy will be thrust into the spotlight and expected to turn a completely irrelevant Cavalier program into a contending force in the ACC.

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