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Tim Floyd Attempts To Salvage Reputation By Quitting

timfloydWhen the going gets tough, Tim Floyd gets going.

Going out of town, that is.

The USC men’s basketball coach submitted a letter of resignation yesterday, and now appears to be headed for a spider hole in Iraq, or perhaps a beach in Mexico somewhere.

Under investigation for violating NCAA rules, the USC basketball program appeared on the verge of serious penalty prior to Floyd’s self-termination.

The speculation surrounding the Trojans will likely only increase with Floyd’s departure.

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Mayo was Floyd’s high-class whore

Assume the position.
Assume the position.

Everything about the OJ Mayo-Tim Floyd saga comes across as dirty.

Here’s Mayo, sometime in 2006, contacting Floyd unexpectedly, telling the USC basketball coach he wants to play for the Trojans. The risk: Mayo is likely gone after one year (which happened to be the case). The reward: Mayo has the potential to give Floyd a run at the national title in that sole season (USC made the NCAA Tournament, but couldn’t escape the opening round).

Now here’s OJ Mayo at a preseason practice in 2007, breaking the jaw of starting point guard Daniel Hackett with a well-located punch to the chops.

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Floyd’s decision boggles the mind

timfloydPulling a Floyd: 1) Turning down a beautiful, unexpected gift for no apparent reason; 2) Committing an error in judgment of epic proportions; 3) Failing to appeal to sanity when faced with an otherwise easy decision.  Example: Refusing to accept the men’s basketball head coaching job at the University of Arizona.

Call it “Pulling a Floyd.” 

Tim Floyd’s decision to spurn the University of Arizona men’s basketball program for his current employer, USC, is absolutely mind-boggling. 

It’s like being offered the keys to a brand new Ferrari, when you’re current car is a Hyundai (no offense to Hyundai owners, they make a very practical automobile), and having the lack of sense to simply refuse this beautiful, wonderful, amazing gift that has fallen into your lap. 

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