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The Church of Tanzania

Ever since the Tanzania ads have been plastering the walls of the CLink this year there has only been one [football] loss by a Seattle Sports team (UW, yesterday). There is a large contingent on twitter led by Alex Akita of Seattle Sports Net (@alexSSN) that believe in the magical powers of the Kilimanjaro, and the Serengeti to propel Seattle teams to victory in epic fashion. –warox13, via Reddit.

I am not crazy. At least I don’t think I am. But I am a bit superstitious. And I do believe in luck. I’ll occasionally do things in threes, avoid breaking mirrors, and one time, precisely an hour after I renewed my AAA membership, my car broke down. That’s lucky. Sure, some genius might be able to explain the logic behind any incidence of good or bad fortune that has befallen me. But I don’t care to hear it. I choose to believe in luck for luck’s sake. It may be science. It may be supernatural. It may be spiritual. It may be magic. Who can really say for sure.

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The Tanzania Effect

I don’t know much about Tanzania, but I do know how blindly compelled I am to travel there. The magic of Tanzania, mystical as it may be, is no more evident than at CenturyLink Field, where an advertisement for the African nation’s board of tourism spans the vast majority of the North End Zone. Notre Dame may have Touchdown Jesus; we have Touchdown Kilimanjaro.

Each time I’ve been to CenturyLink Field in the past two months, I’ve overheard dozens of equally-confused bystanders questioning what the hell that brightly-colored Tanzanian travel ad is doing in our home venue. It’s a reasonable inquiry. Most minor league baseball stadiums would be hard-pressed to find a gaudier display for their outfield fences, yet Paul Allen’s ownership group has managed to do this at the highest level of sport. It’s quite impressive, when you think about it.

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