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Karate Emergency Episode 2.6: Steve Sarkisian and the Difficulties of Confronting Substance Abuse

TUCSON, AZ - OCTOBER 11:  Head coach Steve Sarkisian of the USC Trojans on the sidelines during the college football game against the Arizona Wildcats at Arizona Stadium on October 11, 2014 in Tucson, Arizona.  The Trojans defeatred the Wildcats 28-26.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The Karate kids kick off the sixth episode with thoughts on the upcoming Huskies-Ducks showdown, complete with a wager on the game.

From there, we talk Seahawks-Panthers, then devote the back half of the show to a more serious conversation on Steve Sarkisian and the difficulties of confronting the very real scenario of substance abuse in our everyday lives.

It’s a bit of different show this time around. Check it out.

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The Changing Narrative of A Loathed, Loved, and Enabled Steve Sarkisian

sarkA disease. A medical condition. A weakness. A flaw. An addiction.

Alcoholism is labeled in a number of different ways, which might be why it’s so hard for us to determine how we feel about it. It makes us sad, confused, angry, frustrated, hurt. Sometimes, amidst the laughter and jubilation of the atmosphere in which it is cultivated, we don’t even know we’re staring an alcohol problem straight in the eye. So as it cooks and bubbles and rises to the surface like hot magma inside a rumbling volcano, we pretend it’s not even there, that it’s not a thing.

We joke about it, we chuckle at every one of our friends we deem a borderline alcoholic, and we keep the party going until that climactic moment when we simply cannot rage any longer. And then, suddenly, it’s not fun anymore.

This is where we find Steve Sarkisian.

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Cyber Monday: It All Began With Willie Bloomquist

Depending on how you look at it, baldwinthis day was either supposed to belong to the Seahawks or the internet. It was Monday. Cyber Monday, the day the masses descend upon the world wide web for bargains. But Cyber Monday mattered little to those of us in the Emerald City. The Seahawks had a football game on this particular evening. That meant they were playing on Monday Night Football, arguably the biggest regular season stage in all of professional sports. They were already relegated to sharing a pseudo-holiday with online retailers. And yet their civic brethren across the sports landscape were not content to let them have even half the spotlight.

It started with the Mariners, those assholes, constantly fighting to stay relevant in a town where their irrelevance reigns supreme. They woke up on this chilly, sun-soaked morning and decided to sign Willie Bloomquist. Yes, the Willie Bloomquist. To a two-year, $5.8 million contract. It’s been five years since Willie last played for his hometown Mariners and he’s 36 years of age now, so why not sign him, right? Makes perfect sense. Anyway, they did it, they really did it. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t register on our radar – we’re talking about an aging utility player, after all – but this was no ordinary situation.

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What To Do When All The Crazy People Want To Fire Sark

sarkinquisitiveI’m ethically opposed to siding with the people who want to fire Steve Sarkisian from his head coaching position at the University of Washington. It’s not that I’m completely against canning the guy — with each subsequent loss, each confounding play call, and each season of unmet expectations I find myself considering the possibilities of life after Sark — because I’m not. It’s that those diehard radicals who spend every waking moment of their blubbering existences calling for the man’s head are part of the problem. It’s them, not the prospect of a sacrificial firing, that I have a hard time agreeing with.

But first let’s get the obvious out of the way. Steve Sarkisian has not achieved the goals everybody had for this team back in 2009, when he first took the reins of a Washington program very much in disarray. Coming off a winless 2008 campaign, the bar was set as low as it had ever been in the history of Husky football. And yet when Sarkisian was hired in December of that year, spirits were immediately raised, anticipation was at once rekindled, and expectations — in the forms of Rose Bowls and conference titles — were instantly set in place.

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Believe in Steve (or, Why Patience Will Help You Get Laid and Stuff)

I am a firm believer in patience. We live in a world that’s all about moving quickly, reacting, and analyzing big, important topics in, say, 140-character blurbs of irreverence. We expect certain outcomes in life, and when those outcomes don’t immediately transpire, we tend to freak the hell out.

Take, for instance, marriage.

We grow up thinking we’ll all be married by our mid-twenties. We don’t even consider alternatives, really. We’ll graduate high school, then either enter the working world or head off to college. We’ll meet someone in those formative years just outside our teens, fall in love, and be bound by law no later than age 25. Might as well be a theme park ride.

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Irrational Game Predictions: BYU vs. UW

The game as it would happen in my dreams. Because my dreams are BANGIN!

Quarter 1

After winning the coin flip and deferring, the Huskies kick off to start the game. As Erik Folk tees up the football, a buzz emerges from the opposite end of the stadium. A streaker darts across the field. Play is momentarily halted as security guards chase after the streaker, who manages to avoid them while running 100 yards untouched to the opposite goal post. He continues running down a tunnel and out of sight. The streaker is later identified as Harvey Unga. Play resumes.

Folk kicks it away and the ball sails five yards deep into the end zone. The BYU return man brings the ball out and is subsequently flattened on the one-yard line by a gang of Huskies who comment on the return man’s sister while they have him pinned to the turf. The return man staggers to his feet, content to repress his anger for the time being.

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Coaching Staff Makes Husky Football Likable Again

Steve Sarkisian leads the UW football team onto the field through a cloud of smoke.
Steve Sarkisian leads the UW football team onto the field through a cloud of smoke.

From head coach Steve Sarkisian to volunteer assistant Marques Tuiasosopo, it’s hard not to like the coaching staff of the University of Washington football team.

A group of passionate, excited young teachers that, in many cases, look like they could still take the field themselves are the men in charge of guiding the current roster of Husky players.

Not one year ago, it was an entirely different group that patrolled the Washington sideline on gameday. Led by Tyrone Willingham, the 2008 Husky coaching staff was older, more reserved, and lacking the spark that fades with age and losing. The dispassion exuded by those coaches spawned an atmosphere of gloom and doom on Montlake that seemingly could not be lifted.

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Huskies’ Plan To Thwart WSU Nearing Completion

BSky N Arizona Portland St BasketballThey hired Ken Bone without a second thought.

They introduced him as one of their own, the new men’s basketball coach, his own press conference and everything.

They laughed at his jokes, celebrated his glee, and allowed themselves to get excited over his future with the team.

Those cute, naive Cougs.

Little do they know that Bone’s hiring is the penultimate phase in Washington’s master plan to destroy Washington State from the inside-out.
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