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Dear Washington: What’s Your Return Policy?


I would like to make a return.

You see, I purchased these tickets to a football game, but the thing is one of the teams didn’t show up. And, you know, if only one team is playing, it’s not really a game. Which is why I deserve to get my money back.

You’re probably not going to refund me, and I understand that. Customer service isn’t a strong suit for a state-run university. Or a state-run anything, for that matter. But that’s another rant for another day. We don’t need to go there.

Fact is, I was conned out of my hard-earned cash by you guys and I’d like to be made whole.

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Well That Was Ugly

Washington Stanford FootballCongratulations to me, for watching the entirety of that massacre.

And that was after dropping $5.99 for the right to watch Fox’s Crappiest Station.

I think I’m gonna print off an invoice and send it to Chip Kelly, ask if he’ll reimburse me for my purchase. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Get out your checkbook, Chip.

The only bright spot from this evening is that we weren’t stuck with Barry Tompkins and Petros Papadakis on the call. Not that our broadcast crew was any better, or anything. You really think the University of Washington is in Bellevue? Nobody has ever made that mistake.

Oh, and sideline wench, stop trying to play up the fact that the Tree actually had living bodies in the crowd and they occasionally made some noise. That’s a 50,000-seat stadium that was dead empty most of the game. Those are some of the worst fans in sports, period, and it’s an indictment on every other sports fan around the globe when you make sh*t up about those future rocket scientists and their indifference towards athletics.

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