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Isaiah “Stacy Patton” Thomas

Isaiah Thomas is Stacy Patton.

Stacy Patton, for those of you who don’t know, is a character played by the late Malik Sealy in the movie Eddie.

In the film, Patton is a ballhog who plays for the New York Knicks, has a ridiculous contract, and gets his ass benched by Eddie, the team’s coach played by Whoopi Goldberg. Upon being removed from the lineup, the Knicks go on a winning streak thanks to the team ball that results from Patton’s benching.

Isaiah isn’t kinda, sorta, a little bit like Stacy Patton. Isaiah IS Stacy Patton. So much so, that I refuse to refer to him by any other name besides Stacy Patton from here on out. For the rest of this article, Isaiah Thomas will only be acknowledged by the name “Stacy Patton.” Here goes.

Stacy got sat down tonight for what would equate to the entire fourth quarter of play, and the Huskies went on a fantastic run. Overcame a double-digit deficit and nearly won a ballgame that they should have lost going away. This team, in its current structure, plays better when Stacy Patton is out of the lineup.

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