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For the 12s: Los Angeles Rams

For the 12s is a new installment at Seattle Sportsnet. Every week we’ll preview the Seahawks’ upcoming opponent, with each gameday primer geared towards those individuals who have been fans of the Seattle Seahawks since no earlier than 2012.

The Rams are back! You may have heard this recently and been thoroughly confused. Where did the Rams go? Were they ever really gone? Haven’t the Rams always been terrible? All valid questions.

Over the course of the past five years, the Rams have indeed been quite bad. While the Seahawks have dominated the NFC West and the 49ers and Cardinals have flirted with the postseason, the Rams have been entrenched at the bottom of the standings. Perhaps the only consistency has been their ability to play Seattle tougher than almost any other opponent during this time; which, in and of itself, is quite admirable.

Interestingly enough, the Rams haven’t always struggled! In fact, prior to 2012, the Rams, at times, excelled. Believe it or not, they even won a Super Bowl in the 2000 season behind a high-flying offense dubbed “The Greatest Show on Turf” – a moniker earned due to the team playing its games on AstroTurf, an artificial surface that has since been replaced by Field Turf.

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Know Your F@#%ing Opponent: St. Louis Rams

ramrulesHappy Blue Friday, Seahawks fans, and welcome to the 2015 NFL season. The Hawks take on the lightly-hated Rams in St. Louis on Sunday at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time and we’re here to tell you what these cake-eaters down in Missouri are all about. As the year progresses, we’ll bring you a look at Seattle’s next opponent each week, so check back often. Without further ado, let’s investigate these bastards.

First of all, a ram is a stupid mascot. Rams are the belligerent, drunk assholes of the animal kingdom, literally butting heads with every other being they encounter. They wake up in a cave, walk outside, see another creature in their space, and go flying at it like a wayward safety with no regard for CTE. If you really wanted to be represented by a belligerent, drunk asshole, why not name the team after your idiot friend Steve, who gets all handsy and racist when he’s had a few too many whiskey sours. The St. Louis Drunk Steves. It’s a more accurate depiction of the foolishness we’re dealing with here.

The team itself is no better than its mascot.

Jeff Fisher and his staff have assembled a roster that looks like it was borne from a night of heavy drinking. This team is sticking Nick Foles under center and actually expecting to win games. Some of you may remember Foles from his underwhelming stint with the Eagles. Others may recall his college days at the University of Arizona, where Foles had a penchant for throwing dink-and-dunk bubble screens for weeks at a time. The 26-year-old is the veritable equivalent of a slap hitter in baseball, eking out yardage in the most undeserving way possible. Plus he looks like Sunshine from Remember the Titans — if Sunshine from Remember the Titans got kicked in the face by a pack mule.

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Seahawks Following In Footsteps Of Division Rival Rams

LT Walter Jones will miss the rest of '09 with an injury.
LT Walter Jones will miss the rest of '09 with an injury.

Remember when the St. Louis Rams were the team to beat in the NFC West? No team — not the Seahawks, 49ers, or Cardinals — could wrest the division crown from the Rams’ iron grip.

Led by the likes of Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, Marc Bulger, Kurt Warner, Orlando Pace, Leonard Little, and Marshall Faulk, the Rams were a force to be reckoned with in an otherwise weak division.

And then it all blew up.

Seemingly overnight, the Rams got very, very old.

Their rock of a left tackle, Pace, became an injury-prone question mark year in and year out.

Faulk ran out of gas and retired.

Bruce and Holt both dropped from their lofty perches as two of the game’s best wideouts. Each would see a reduced role in the team’s offense before moving on to different clubs.

Warner moved on, paving the way for Bulger. Bulger, in turn, took the reins of the St. Louis offense and proved consistently inconsistent.

The defense fell apart.

Coaches came and went.

It was a carousel of problems for the former Superbowl champs as they went from contender to cellar-dwellar over the course of a matter of months.

And their biggest issue? That came in failing to acknowledge their own demise.

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Rush Limbaugh, American Citizen, Has Every Right To Buy An NFL Team

rushlimbaughIf Rush Limbaugh wants to buy a football team, then he should be allowed to buy a football team.  Why the hell not, right? The guy has the funds to do so, he’s not a criminal, and it is within his right as an American citizen to be able to make a legal purchase of property that is, in turn, legally and willingly sold to him.

This whole “Ban Rush” fest is getting ridiculously out of hand. It seems like every single person on the planet wants to keep him from spending his money as he wishes. I don’t even like the guy. But I respect his right to exchange currency for goods and services within the confines of our nation.

Limbaugh is a controversial figure, there’s no getting around that. He has made a living ripping other individuals, essentially turning himself into a target for scrutiny in the process. He has said some things that cannot ever be atoned for, that have tarnished the image he seemingly cares little about, and that have led to this whirlwind of speculation over his potential ownership of the NFL’s St. Louis Rams.

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Rush Limbaugh Has Always Wanted To Own Ethnic Minorities, But…

rushlimbaughSomebody out there doesn’t want Rush Limbaugh to buy the Rams. Psssh. Sure, we give the Mormon church free reign over the FCC but a rich, fat white man with his sights set on running a plantation or six can’t buy the worst team in the NFL.

This is America, people. If Rush Limbaugh wants to own the Rams, who are we to stop him. Donovan McNabb might never play for the guy, but for every McNabb there’s at least three or four Matt Cassels in the NFL.

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