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The Number One Sports Fan I Love To Hate

A while back, a pair of articles on the Top 11 Sports Fans We Love To Hate (Part I, and Part II) were well received on these very pages. In fact, to date, they’ve been the two most popular articles ever published on this site.

After discovering so many sports fans we could all live without, I never thought I’d find a new breed of fanatic that pissed me off even more than the first twenty-two. Until today. The number one sports fan that I now love to hate is The Guy Who Complains About The Guys Who Complain About The Refs. Specific, I know.

We can all agree that complaining about officiating in sports is one of America’s pastimes. Like it or not, it is. But to a degree, harping on the men in stripes can wear thin. If things are going bad, the refs might occasionally make them worse, but they should never be the sole source of blame for a losing effort by your team.

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Top 11: Sports Fans We Love To Hate, Part II

foulballkidAs they say in the rap game, it’s the remix!

Back in March we brought you the first edition of the Top 11 Sports Fans We Love To Hate, and it was an instant hit. To date, it’s our most viewed post in the history of the site and was reproduced on Sports Illustrated’s SI.com, among a number of other websites.

Naturally, we had to follow up with a second Top 11 devoted to all those annoying patrons of sport who didn’t make our first list. On to the show…

11. The Kid Who Requests The Foul Ball From The Adult Who Caught It

Vital Signs: Under the age of 12; seated near an adult with good reflexes and soft hands; has seemingly everyone in the ballpark on his side.

Reason we hate them: These days, if you’re over the age of 18 and you happen to be lucky enough to catch a foul ball at a baseball game, you’re almost obligated to hand it over to a kid who has done nothing to warrant such a gift.

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