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A-Rod, Selena Roberts going down in flames together

Selena Roberts
Selena Roberts

Alex Rodriguez has spent the past year entering Barry Bonds territory. The kind of tragic ending to a superhero story that nobody can rebound from. No matter what A-Rod does from this point forward, his legacy will be carved as a liar, a cheat, a steroid user, and a pompous jerk.

Selena Roberts has spent the past year chronicling Rodriguez’s every waking moment. The Sports Illustrated journalist first broke the story of A-Rod’s past steroid use, forcing the All-Star third baseman to admit to the world that he had, in fact, used performance-enhancing drugs at one point in time. As if that weren’t enough, Roberts has been determined to bring the Yankee slugger down farther — despite the fact that everyone already hates him — by writing a book detailing all his transgressions over the past fifteen years.

At this point, Rodriguez can do no more wrong. He’s already loathed by nearly every baseball fan in America, and even his hometown team’s fans will be hard-pressed to cheer for him when he returns from injury. You could break news of A-Rod’s involvement in a dog fighting ring, and few people would be surprised by now.

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