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Check Out This Epic Fail…

Saw this hanging on the half-off rack at the Seattle Team Shop (literally, one of my favorite stores of all-time) and it took me and my buddy Chris a good thirty seconds to figure out why some dude named White had had his named slapped onto the back of Deon Grant’s old uniform.

Somewhere in that five-minute time frame between when LenDale Plumpy White was traded to the Seahawks and when he was subsequently cut by the Seahawks, the NFL seized the moment and ejaculated his replica jersey all over the Emerald City. Now the good folks who run a great store like the STS are stuck trying to pawn this worthless piece of crap off on unsuspecting Japanese tourists. How often does Gray Line roll down Occidental, anyways? It could take years to move these things.

Now if we could just get our hands on a Pokey Reese jersey, the dynamic duo would be complete.

Dear NFL: Epic, epic fail.