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Do You “Like” Seattle Sportsnet?

If not, what are you doing here?

If so, please go to Facebook (it’s a little pretentious of me to assume you have a Facebook profile, I know…but come on, it’s Facebook) and join the newest addition to the fan page universe. We have a brand new Seattle Sportsnet fan page and we’d really appreciate it if you went to that page and clicked “Like.” You can also access the page using the fun-looking badge over there to the right (which is that way —-> for those of you who have trouble with left and right).

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Facebook Deleted Me (Seattle Sportsnet Dislikes This)

I’ve had a Seattle Sportsnet Facebook profile for nearly two years now. Today, Facebook deleted that profile and told me to shove it.

Ah, well, these things happen. I’m in the process of acquiring the rights to my Seattle Sportsnet fan page through my personal Facebook account, which can be accessed using the badge to the right. For those of you who don’t know right from left, right is this way ——————-> I try to be helpful where I can.

I’ve basically made the executive decision to open up my personal Facebook profile to all of you readers. There were nearly 4,000 of you who were chatting it up with me under the Seattle Sportsnet profile, and I enjoyed every minute of the conversations we had. Seriously. The first thoughts that entered my mind when Facebook told me to take a hike were, “Well, we had a good run,” and “Damn, I’m gonna miss all those connections I’ve made with people.” It sucks, but it happens.

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Seattle Sportsnet Turns One

griffeypileIt was one year ago today that Seattle Sportsnet was born. In the world of sports blogs and the internet, that’s a lifetime.

On the day I created this site, 11 months of pent-up emotion was released onto the world wide web after we, as fans, were forced to endure the worst year in the history of Seattle sports. You might have managed to repress the events of 2008, but thanks to our very first post you can hastily relive them. Thankfully, there are no pictures.

In just one year, the city of Seattle and its sports teams have managed to rebound quite nicely from the tragedy of ’08.

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