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The Seattle Sports Media All-Stars Fantasy Baseball League

In the past year, we’ve created various fantasy sports leagues for worthy readers to partake in. This time around, we decided to take our affinity for made-up athletics to the next level.

In an effort to give Seattle sports fans something interesting to read about, we tapped our social network and came up with 11 participants to join us in the ultimate Seattle Sports Media All-Star Fantasy Baseball League. A standard 12-team operation hosted by ESPN.com, our head-to-head league features a dozen members of the local sports media ranks to compete for the title of fantasy champion.

To help you get to know our league a little better (which you’ll be hearing about frequently over the next six months), here is an in-depth profile on all 12 teams and their respective owners:

Lake City Division

Team #1

Name: The Half-Asian Mafia

Owner: Ryan Divish

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