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Top 11: Seattle Sports Fan Profiles

To a professional sports franchise, the best fans are like great pets. They never stray because they lack intellectual curiosity. They never ask for more than a little love and some food. They’re easily distracted by toys and other nonsense. Very simply, they are dumb, happy, and satisfied.

We do have some of those fans here in Seattle. Many, I’d imagine. But we also have a number of other fans. Different types of fans. Unique fans. Good fans, even. It’s time we examined those fans and looked within ourselves to find out who we truly are.

Below is a list of 11 fan profiles for your viewing pleasure. This isn’t just any list, though. It’s a list pertinent to our very region. These are Seattle sports fan profiles. They’re ours. And they’re amazing.

11. Disciples of Geoff Baker

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Seattle, We Have A Problem

I love this city, but we have a problem.

As much as we’d all like to pretend we’re the best fans in the sports universe, we’re not. There are too many of us who let emotion get in the way of logic. We have a tendency to run to Facebook and Twitter and put our teams on blast with every move they make. We can’t discern good from bad, positive from negative. We lack knowledge. And it’s evident on a daily basis.

Matt Hasselbeck and Lofa Tatupu are just two of the latest examples of our little problem.

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Top 11: Northwest Sports Fan Profiles

For the past couple years, Seattle-based Pemco Insurance has run an ad campaign featuring the “Northwest Profiles” of stereotypical localites. The catchy commercials have depicted a handful of different personalities that populate this corner of the nation (Sandals and Socks Guys, 50 Degrees Shirt’s Off Guy, Green Lake Power Walker, to name three), but haven’t done much to justify your average Seattle sports fan. Which is where we come in.

Playing off of Pemco’s idea, we’ve come up with 11 new Northwest Profiles which all relate to sports, and more specifically, local sports fans. If you read between the lines, you might find yourself among this group of quirky athletic spectators.

Northwest Profile #11: Spiky-Haired Female Seattle Storm Fan

A denizen of what we will non-judgmentally refer to as alternative life choices, you are the WNBA’s biggest fanatic and your favorite team happens to be the Emerald City’s own Seattle Storm, nay Bing, nay Storm.

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