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The Obligatory Storm Post

People bug me all the time to write about the Storm. Not a lot of people. Just enough people to get under my skin a bit. I always tell them they don’t want me to write about the Storm, because I’ll tell it like it is, and not like they want it to be. And yet they persist. So I figure it’s time.

First of all, I figure most of you care so little about the Storm that you won’t even read this post. I understand that. Hence, I can reveal even my deepest, darkest secrets here and it won’t matter. You’ll never find out. Maybe at some point farther down this page, that will happen. I don’t know yet. We’ll just have to wait and see.

But enough stalling. Let’s talk about the Seattle Storm.

As it turns out, they’re the best team in basketball right now. Not just women’s basketball. All basketball. No one else happens to be playing, hence they have earned the title kind of by default. Even still, that’s no small feat.

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