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Your 2011 Seattle Mariners Nickname Guide

The 2011 baseball season is nearly upon us and, lo and behold, you have no idea who half the guys on the Mariners’ roster are. Lucky for you, we do. We don’t just recognize the new faces, though. We’re here to offer more than that.

Over the years, we’ve gotten to know the team’s broadcasters pretty well. Dave Sims, Rick Rizzs, Ron Fairly (he’ll be back in the booth this year, filling in for the late, great Dave Niehaus). We also have a pretty good idea of how this trio of voices will refer to the new crop of M’s. But you may not. Which is why we’re here to bring you your 2011 Seattle Mariners Nickname Guide. Don’t thank us. It’s all part of the job.


Player: Dan Cortes

Dave Sims’ Nickname: Cortesy

Rick Rizzs’ Nickname: Young Dan Cortes

Ron Fairly’s Nickname: Hernando Cortez

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Elect Ron Fairly To The Canadian Baseball Hall Of Fame

This sounds like a joke. It is not.

I was invited to join this grassroots campaign on Facebook, and I must say I was fairly intrigued (heh). Anyways, the 94 members of this group are dead serious about their intention of getting a guy like Fairly this semi-serious award. And by semi-serious, I mean the type of award that warrants at least two or three punch lines from the movie Canadian Bacon, as well as a few laughs, before being taken seriously.

Here’s a description of the campaign, taken directly from the Facebook group page:

“No one in the history of baseball has done what Ron Fairly has done in Canadian Baseball. You could look it up! Canadian Amatuer Champion Team member(1958 Edmonton), Montreal Expos All Star, Original Toronto Blue Jay and All Star, only one ever to be an All Star on both teams,and long time broadcaster for the Seattle Mariners which includes several radio and tv outlets in western Canada. Ron Fairly has had a profound influence on and has brought pride to many many Canadian baseball fans. He should be a member of this hall and it is incomplete without him. Stand up for a great ballplayer, teacher of the game, teammate and broadcaster.”

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