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Haven’t We Been Robbed Enough Already?

For $35, this t-shirt can be yours. Yes, that’s right. Three-five. And it’s only a t-shirt. It doesn’t do any tricks that I’m aware of.

The idea behind this shirt is amazing. Fantastic, even. You have to appreciate the passion for our gone-but-not-forgotten Sonics.

But the irony is that in spending the equivalent of 11 Wendy’s lunches on this piece of cloth that probably cost about a buck to make, you’ll be getting robbed again.

As someone who spent a number of years working for the company that is selling this shirt (rhymes with “Schmordstrom”), I can tell you that this markup is completely unrealistic and simply an issue with branding. Basically, because it’s “Schmordstrom,” people will pay this amount without thinking twice about it.

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