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Source: Reggie Moore Dating UW Basketball Player

A source close to the University of Washington women’s basketball team has verified that Washington State University men’s basketball player Reggie Moore is involved in an intimate relationship with a member of the Huskies’ squad.

Moore, through his personal Twitter account, has recently fueled speculation that he would consider transferring to the University of Washington from Washington State in the near future. He has since negated such rumors, but his status with the Cougar basketball program has been the subject of much scrutiny on fan sites and message boards in recent days.

Though one can only imagine how hard it might be for two individuals from rival schools more than five hours apart to maintain a relationship, I think we can all agree that it would be made easier if the dating couple were in the same city, at the same school, all the time.

The Washington women’s basketball player who has recently started seeing Moore will remain anonymous at this time. Not that she’s not worth the relevance. But we’re really trying to focus on Reggie and his potential motives for possibly transferring. Because we enjoy fanning the flames of desire.

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Hard To Hate Cougar Basketball If You’re A Husky

Curtis Allen then and now

As a teenager, my favorite Husky basketball player was point guard Curtis Allen.

Allen was the lone senior on the Dawgs’ 2003-2004 NCAA Tournament team during my freshman year at UW. He was a reserve at that juncture in his collegiate career, backing up the likes of Will Conroy and Nate Robinson on a ballclub that featured four future NBA players and six future pros in all. Prior to that, he spent the better part of his first three seasons as a starter.

Regarded as one of the quickest players in the Pac-10, Allen had his best season in 2001-2002, when he averaged over 12 PPG and nearly 5 APG.

Upon being carried off the court on the shoulders of the Hec Ed faithful after his final home game in 2004 (an upset win over previously-undefeated Stanford), Allen finished out his Husky playing career and embarked on a coaching odyssey that has led him to Pullman.

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