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Turn This Rally Fry Slogan Into A Sign And I’ll Come High-Five You At The M’s Game Tonight (aka Longest Headline Ever)

"It's okay, Chuck. I hear the PTBNL has some real talent. And those rally fries weren't working anyways."

Because frankly, I’m too lazy to do it myself. I also have no artistic talent. Yes, I was the jackass that pawned off all my elementary school group art projects on a girl.

Anyways, here you go:

“Chuck Armstrong traded my Rally Fries for a player to be named later.”

Please design and enjoy.

If you can somehow work in one of these :( that would be even better.

If you can get this thing up at tonight’s game, I’ll come find you and we’ll chill for a bit. I’ll spot you, don’t worry. There will only be like 25 or 26 of us in attendance.

Top 11: Rally Fry Signs

rallyfries1Whether you’re a Mariners fan or not, chances are you’ve seen a rally fries sign or two in your time. They are seemingly everywhere these days, and they got their start at Safeco Field.

Of course, after a few short games, the signs began cropping up in ballparks all around the nation and now the often imitated (but never replicated) rally fry fad has taken over America.

Credit current Mariners broadcaster and ex-third baseman Mike Blowers for the idea. Trying to breathe some life into the fan base surrounding an otherwise morbid baseball team, Blowers decided to give away free garlic fries to one lucky fan each game. All the fan had to do to get Blowers’ attention was make a sign.

In the past year or so, many of the signs have gotten repetitive and, let’s be honest, boring.

So we’ve come up with 11 ideas that are sure to catch the eye of Blowers, as well as anyone else who happens to enjoy a good one-liner. For your enjoyment.

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