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Quincy Pondexter vs. Jerome Randle: A Statistical Comparison

California’s Jerome Randle won Pac-10 Player of the Year today, and by all means earned the distinction.

Washington’s Quincy Pondexter was the runner-up and could just as easily have won the award.

Whether you believe the selection committee got it right with Randle, or should have instead gone with Pondexter, there is always the concrete evidence to support each side.

And that’s what we’re bringing you today.

The following is a statistical comparison between Pondexter and Randle. Pondexter’s figures will be on the left, Randle’s on the right. Each individual played in all 30 of his team’s regular season games this year. Categories where Randle had better figures are marked with an asterisk(*).

Points per game: 20.2 (Pondexter)/18.7 (Randle)

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Huskies Nine Games From National Championship

Don’t laugh.

Stranger things have happened.

Carl Lewis once sang the national anthem.

John Daly had his stomach stapled.

Shakespeare in Love won an Oscar for Best Picture.

So to think that the Washington men’s basketball couldn’t run off nine straight victories and win an NCAA title is not entirely implausible. Just semi-unlikely. But why focus on the negative?

There are hundreds of reasons why the Dawgs can’t win the NCAA Tournament. The odds, the competition, Joe Lunardi, East Coast bias. That’s only four. You can think up dozens more, I’m sure.

But I’d rather tell you why they can. Because it’s Monday. And you need something positive in your life today.

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Huskies Gel Michael Roll’s Hair

Stacy Patton? Not tonight.

That was insane.

Can we pen our contract with ESPN now? Seems like when they come to town, we blow the roof off the arena.

You could pick almost any moment in the game and call it your favorite.

Maybe it was pregame, when Quincy Pondexter was honored on Senior Night.

Maybe it was late in the first half, when Isaiah Thomas knocked down three straight three-pointers. (Inspired, Isaiah?)

Maybe it was early in the second half, when Pondexter threw down a breakaway circus jam.

Maybe it was in the closing minutes, when the Sherrer Explosion went off.

Could be any of those moments, or many more.

For me, it was when Coach Bob Knight mentioned that UCLA’s Reeves Nelson looked like Apollo Creed. That was fantastic.

Go Dawgs!

A Salute To Quincy Pondexter

The first time I saw Quincy Pondexter play ball on the floor of Hec Edmundson Pavilion, I remember thinking to myself how lucky Husky fans would be if he ended up spending four years at Washington.

Physically, the 6’7″ Fresno native passed every type of look test imaginable for a college basketball player. With a long, lean, mature build, the great leaping ability, and above-average quickness, Quincy appeared to be the prototype when it came to the small forward position.

In Quincy’s first season, I remember the relative lack of hype surrounding the quiet freshman, thanks in large part to Spencer Hawes. Hawes was the crown jewel of that 2006 recruiting class and absorbed all the hype for the quartet of newcomers that found their way to Montlake; small forward Phil Nelson (now at Portland State) and shooting guard Adrian Oliver (now at San Jose State) rounded out the foursome.

As a fourth-year member of the Dawg Pack that season, I had a front row seat to all of the Huskies’ games in that turbulent ’06-’07 campaign, and saw up close and personal the rapid development of Quincy Pondexter.

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