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Finding Ryan Divish A Nice Woman

Some of you may know my good friend Ryan Divish. If you don’t, I suggest you follow him on Twitter, @RyanDivish, or read his work in the Tacoma News-Tribune.

Those familiar with Divish are probably aware that he’s a single man pushing 40 years of age, which means it’s time he find a nice lady to keep him company as he stumbles through life. Thing is, I’ve been trying to hook Divish up with attractive, well-to-do ladies for some time. And how does he respond to my offerings? He rejects them! That’s no good at all.

In order to help Divish find just the right woman to be his future companion, I’ve created an application for his affection, which you’ll find below.

I encourage all of you to read this application over. If you or anyone you know is interested in applying, please click on the image itself and you’ll be taken to a downloadable PDF. Send your application to seattlesportsnet@gmail.com and your entry will be forwarded onto Ryan Divish, himself. With any luck, Divish will peruse the applications, find himself a few good ones, and take one or more lucky ladies on the date(s) of their dreams.

Thank you for applying!