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The Bottom 11

You’ve seen ESPN’s Not Top 10.  This is a lot like that, except it’s one better and has a different name.  The Bottom 11 is the foil to our Top 11, a list of the 11 least awesome things to happen over the course of the past week in sports.  Enjoy.

11. Alex Rodriguez lies while trying to clarify the truth.  Remember those steroids A-Rod allegedly ingested?  The ones that are illegal here, but as he claims, legal in the Dominican Republic?  Apparently, the D.R. has no idea what he’s talking about, since the performance-enhancers he came clean about are, in fact, illegal in the mother land as well.  When does the lying stop?

10. Texas Tech QB Graham Harrell runs a 5.07 40-yard dash time at NFL combine.  No one ever accused the former Red Raider of being quick, but 5.07?  That’s a bad high school time.  Out of the way Graham, the senior citizen walkathon needs to pass you.

Perhaps he takes his running pointers from Mike Leach
Perhaps he takes his running pointers from Mike Leach

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Pac-10 Student Section Power Rankings

pac10logo1We’ve seen the national rankings.  Now it’s time to break this thing on down in conference.  Where does your school stand?  Which Pac-10 student sections are the best?  The worst?  Counting down from ten to one, we bring you the 2009 Pac-10 student section power rankings.

10. Beaver Dam, Oregon State University. Can you blame them?  They’re being forced to watch Oregon State basketball, after all.  Which is why, for the most part, the OSU student body finds an excuse to avoid Gill Coliseum on game days.  When they do show up, they do little more than sit and make the occasional sound.  Perhaps they should change their name to “Beaver Dike,” because they’re in no position to stop floods anytime soon.

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