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A Rant About Kevin O’Neill

First of all, Kevin O’Neill is a dick. That really goes without saying, but where’s the fun in not saying it? He’s a dick. Let it be known.

If you don’t believe me, check the internet. There’s evidence all over the web. A Google search of “Kevin O’Neill dick” returns 17,600,000 results. SEVENTEEN-MILLION! By contrast, a Google search of “Alex Akita dick” only returns 1,310,000 results. Clearly, he’s seventeen times worse than me as a human being.

Oh, and for safety’s sake, don’t click through to Google Images on either of those searches. Probably not a good idea.

Secondly, Kevin O’Neill is not that good of a basketball coach. He just isn’t. Some people think he is, but those people are idiots.

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