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Dawg Pack Dirt: Oregon State University

Dawg Pack Dirt: Oregon State

Volume 6, Issue 11, December 31, 2009

Special to Seattle Sportsnet

*Editor’s note: We are currently looking for any and all Dawg Pack members or alums who would be interested in participating in a photo shoot for ESPN The Magazine. The shoot will likely take place within the next two weeks somewhere on campus. More details will be presented as they become available. If you or your friends want to be a part of this special opportunity, email us at seattlesportsnet@gmail.com.

PAC-10! NEW YEAR’S EVE! Those two exclamations should be enough to make anyone excited for Thursday night’s conference opener. College kids combined with New Year’s Eve and the opening of Pac-10 basketball should make for a VERY raucous Dawg Pack.

We did a great job during the non-conference season and helped take the Dawgs to a 9-2 start and a #16 ranking. It’s time to take it to another level, though, with Pac-10 play. Come and celebrate the end of a great year by being as crazy as you can.

Also, regarding our upcoming game against Oregon on Saturday, get your Mexican Heritage Night gear ready and prepare for a fiesta. This is more than likely Ernesto’s last season as the head coach of the Ducks, barring some huge turnaround, so let’s make it great night!

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