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The Return of Spring’s Optimism

I talked to my grandma today. She told me she woke up at 3:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning to watch the Mariners’ 2012 season opener in Japan. She paid witness to all eleven innings of action, though I’d wager that somewhere in the middle there she probably dozed off for a bit. She’s 88 years old. At that point in your life, you’re entitled to naps when you pull near all-nighters.

My grandma, Marilyn, might be the biggest Mariners fan I know. Aside from my other grandma, Helen, of course. The two of them combine on 169 years of baseball fandom and make it a point to watch every single contest. I kid you not, they could write articles on the team. Assuming they had computers. Or knew about the internet. But that’s beside the point. (Handwritten articles, perhaps. In cursive, naturally.)

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