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Occupy Seattle, You Are…NOT THE FATHER!

It started out as a political movement, but has since morphed into the gigantic pain in everyone’s ass. Occupy Seattle was all fun and games when it had a purpose, a message, some direction, and didn’t f**k with our everyday lives. Since then, shit’s hit the fan and most of us are pissed.

This has been building for some time, of course. With each passing day, Occupy Seattle protestors continue to camp out in the midst of our fair city, turning the once-represented ninety-nine-percent into the completely-disenchanted ninety-nine-percent. We used to side with these people. But then they started messing with our travel commutes, blocking our streets, and just generally causing trouble. How trouble-making solves the problems we face on Wall Street is beyond me. All I know is a) it’s annoying, b) even my most liberal acquaintances are upset, and c) no rational person supports the spectacle of the movement any longer.

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