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Nicole Zaloumis on maternity leave

nicolezaloumisWe have been informed that FSN’s Nicole Zaloumis has been granted maternity leave over the course of the next few weeks/months, however long it takes to pop out and then raise this kid.

While we cannot yet confirm this rumor, we can confirm that Jen Mueller was hosting the in-studio pregame show for the Mariners game (which eventually got rained out) yesterday. Mueller is usually relegated to field and sideline reporting, and the studio hosting duties are more often than not left to Angie Mentink and Zaloumis.

I think our only question is a simple one that needs to be asked: Who’s the baby’s daddy?

Thank you, Nicole Zaloumis!

nicolezaloumis2Here at Seattle Sportsnet, we pride ourselves on bringing readers news and analysis they want to hear about.

That’s why we dedicate this very brief and very gracious post to FSN analyst Nicole Zaloumis.

Why, you ask? Allow me to explain.

You see, on your average day, we receive about three or four search terms that link directly to our site.  For instance, let’s say you Google “Dave Libbey.”  Chances are, if you dig through the search pages long enough, you’ll find your way to an article on this site that includes the term “Dave Libbey.” You click on our article, and that brings you to this site.

Like I alluded to before, that kind of thing happens about three times or less per day, where someone will directly find their way to SeattleSportsnet.com using a unique search term.

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Ladies of Seattle: Sportscaster Edition

Lisa Gangel
Lisa Gangel

Seattle, home to coffee, airplanes, high-tech software, and smokin’ hot sportscasters.  Sorry, Paul Silvi, we’re not talking about you.  This is about the females who populate the local airwaves, the sultry sports goddesses of Emerald City television and radio.  They talk balls, and we’re into that.  More importantly, they give the average local fan a smidgen of a chance, a ray of hope, a glimmer of optimism when it comes to racking up the points with a semi-famous celebrity.

In evaluating the Seattle sports scene, we’ve found four reporters who are more than willing to give it up in the lane and allow you to penetrate their defense. Yeah, right, in our dreams.

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Sexy Times at FSN Studios

Like the opening scenes of a low-budget, poorly-cast porno, the air surrounding the Bellevue studios of Fox Sports Northwest last night was awkward, and filled with sexual tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. Lamar Hurd, former Oregon State hoopster and current FSN college basketball insider, sitting to the left of your screen. Nicole Zaloumis, studio analyst and certifiable bombdotcom sexapalooza, on the right. Between them, electricity capable of cutting down the “just friends” barrier and turning your ordinary workplace into the scene of a hot, steamy love affair of epic proportions. Yeah, baby.

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