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T.O. released…just another victory for the White Man

I feel your pain, yo
I feel your pain, yo

Terrell Owens has been released by the Dallas Cowboys, and it’s all Jason Witten’s fault. Witten is the bastard that got in Tony Romo’s ear and convinced him that T.O. was evil. Romo, in turn, took a once-united locker room and divided it by skin color, white and black, anti-Owens and pro-Owens.

The whites wanted T.O. gone.  They were sick of his honesty, sick of his big mouth.  The blacks wanted T.O. to stay.  They appreciated his candor, appreciated his forward approach with teammates.  Ultimately, the whites won out, and T.O. headed off into the Dallas sunset with his release.

I hope Romo and Witten are happy.  They just lost out on one of the league’s premier receivers because they squabbled like schoolgirls.  Owens isn’t perfect, I get that.  But Tony Romo and Jason Witten are far from innocent in all this as well.  Good luck to them piecing together their 8-8 season next year.

*Side note: The Seahawks should bring in T.O., then draft Michael Crabtree.  Along with Housh, Deion Branch, Nate Burleson, and a retained Bobby Engram, the Hawks can run unprecedented six-wide sets.  Yes.

NFL News: Kitna wants his own Jessica, and what about Tyler Thigpen?

I mean, who doesn't want to get with this?
I mean, who doesn't want to get with this?

Jon Kitna has been traded to the Dallas Cowboys, and we all know why.  You think Tony Romo would ever have scored with Jessica Simpson were he not the Cowboys QB?  I don’t think so.  Which means a guy like Kitna should be nothing short of pleased that he’s headed to the Big D, where he’ll have his chance to rub elbows with the elite and try and bag a Jessica of his own.  Sure, he may be married with a family, but come on.  This is the NFL.  We all know what goes in those five-star hotel rooms.  Especially as a Dallas Cowboy.  Good luck to Kitna on his quest.

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Notes: Hill franchised, I.T. love, and more

83804298JS011_CBE_CLASSIC_FIt’s been easy to overlook everything that’s gone on over the course of today, what with Griffey’s return and all.  But there are a number of other stories Seattle fans need to know about before the day is done, so let’s get to it.

Hawks franchise Hill. Free agent linebacker Leroy Hill will more than likely be returning to Seattle next season, as the Seahawks designated him their franchise player for the offseason, ensuring any outside suitors would have to pay a king’s ransom in order to sign him to a deal.  By placing the franchise tag on Hill, the Hawks have the option to work out a longterm deal with the pass-rush specialist, or simply pay him an average of the top five salaries of players at his position for one year.

I.T. on ESPN. Washington’s Isaiah Thomas is currently being featured in an article on ESPN.com, which can be found HERE.  The Huskies starting point guard was also interviewed in a television segment for the show “First Take,” and the video is posted at the above link as well. Nice to see I.T. get some national love after going relatively unnoticed over the past four months.

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Brett Favre retiring

Brett Favre has informed the New York Jets that he will retire. Two words: who cares. What’s to say the ageless quarterback won’t change his mind again in a month? Or try to land with a team closer to his home in Green Bay (Minnesota, Chicago)?

Personally, I don’t trust Favre at all. He lied to us last year and he’s just as capable of lying again. It’s gotten to the point with sports figures in America, that society no longer cares what you do, we only care about whether you’re truthful with us or not. Favre never did anything wrong, but he lied to us, and for that we’ve turned on him.

Which is why I’d just as soon never hear from Brett Favre again. Sure, he’ll find a way into our Wrangler commercials, or hold press conferences from his home to appease his ego, but whatever. So long as Favre never curses a team with his presence again (22 TD’s and 22 INT’s this year), we can all move on with our lives, and that’s a great thing.