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Burress To Spend Year Or More In Jail? You’ve Gotta Be Kidding Me

plaxicoburressPlaxico Burress is a dumbass.

That doesn’t mean he should spend a year or longer in jail, however.

Burress, as many can recall, accidentally shot himself in the leg with an unlicensed gun in a New York night club last year. The incident was stupid, regrettable, and dangerous.

But it was also isolated and left the assailant as the only victim involved.

So why send Burress to jail for such an extended period of time for making a fool of himself?

Two reasons: He’s black, and he has a history of being a boneheaded football player. Not that any good prosecutor would ever admit this or even think to breach the topic, but it’s the truth and it’s the unfortunate reality that Plaxico Burress is currently encountering.

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You Can Keep Donte’ Stallworth On Your Fantasy Draft Board, After All

Stallworth Pedestrian Killed FootballDonte’ Stallworth is guilty.

But that doesn’t mean he can’t play football anytime soon.

The Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver has agreed to plea guilty to DUI manslaughter and serve a short jail sentence, followed by what is expected to be a highly conditional and lengthy probation. Stallworth had been facing a 15-year jail term if convicted of the same charge.

On March 14, shortly after 7:00 AM, the 28-year-old Stallworth struck and killed a pedestrian while driving in Miami. The pedestrian, 59-year-old Mario Reyes, had been illegally crossing the street in an unmarked section of road to catch a bus on the other side.

Stallworth, who had been driving his 2005 Bentley at the time, flashed his lights at Reyes to warn him before the crash. He then remained at the scene after the collision, and was later found to have a blood alcohol level of .126, well above the .08 legal limit. He also been traveling at approximately 50 MPH in a 40 MPH zone.

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Fixing the Guaranteed Contract Situation

Think buyout.
Think buyout.

How do we fix the guaranteed contract situation of the NBA and MLB?

Whereas the NFL has a hard salary cap in place that allows contracts to be terminated at a moment’s notice (like any other job in America), the other two major professional sports leagues have a tendency to overpay mediocre players for long periods of time, often handicapping franchises and angering fans.

There is a solution, beyond resorting to the NFL cap and non-guaranteed contracts, and it’s called commission. Yes, commission. A performance-based adjusting pay scale that is determined on a year-to-year basis. Here’s how it would work:

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Favre ready to resume his role as punch line

brettfavre2According to ESPN.com, Brett Favre has the itch to start playing football again, and the Minnesota Vikings may very well be the team to help him scratch that.

Favre was released by the New York Jets just one week ago after announcing his second retirement from football. His first retirement was a well-chronicled waffle fest that occurred during the 2008 offseason.

The Minnesota Vikings are in desperate need of a starting quarterback, with Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels set to battle for the right to throw the first pass of the regular season. Favre made it no secret in 2008 that he wanted to play with Minnesota, due to the proximity of the Vikings’ home stadium in Minneapolis to Favre’s residence in Green Bay, Wisconsion. Favre would likely command a relatively small salary, and from a Minnesota standpoint make for a perfect, low-risk investment.

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Pro Sports Have Lost Their Kid Appeal

nbaonnbcAs a kid growing up in the ’80s and ’90s, your typical Saturday morning meant one thing: the NBA on NBC.

Admit it, every time you hear the familiar tune of “Heart of a Champion,” you’re transported back to a childhood weekend in front of the old-school Hitachi TV set. There’s Marv Albert, calling the game. Mike Fratello providing commentary. Bob Costas, Peter Vecsey, and Hannah Storm in studio. Michael Jordan going head-to-head with John Starks. Those were the days.

Back then, professional sports made it their mission to reach out to the youth of the world. Primetime games were played at 10:00 AM on Saturday mornings. Shows like NBA Inside Stuff with Ahmad Rashad were geared towards engaging a younger crowd, as well as adults. Even the NBA All-Star Weekend featured a pre-event tailored especially for pre-pubescents. The stars of yesteryear were role models (despite what Charles Barkley might profess), and the best of the best capitalized on their kid-friendly fame to expand their fan base (think M.J. in Space Jam).

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Jay Cutler needs to unbunch his panties and grow up


Jay Cutler formally demanded a trade today, and it’s a travesty.  I’m not a Bronco fan, nor am I anti-Jay Cutler, but this is getting ridiculous.  Cutler has been upset with the way Denver has treated him all offseason, and I can understand why.  First, his name was brought up in trade rumors for ex-Patriot QB Matt Cassel.  Cutler, who up until this point has been considered a franchise cornerstone, was miffed as to why Denver would want to part ways with him.  Understandable.  He quickly sought answers of new head coach Josh McDaniels, a former New England assistant coach who still, apparently, had a soft spot for Cassel.  McDaniels mishandled the situation, first speaking with Cutler over conference call, then finally meeting with the quarterback over the weekend.  In both instances, each party walked away less than enamored with the results.

So here we are today.  Cutler is still upset and throwing a hissyfit about it.  Like I said, I can understand why he’s frustrated with the situation, but that doesn’t justify his behavior.  This is the NFL, and it’s a business.  This isn’t Peewee Leagues, or high school, or even college.  You can be dropped by your employer at any time, for any reason.  This is the real world, Jay, not Cutlertopia.  Continue reading Jay Cutler needs to unbunch his panties and grow up