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The Inevitable Media Conversation

Almost every day of my life, I pick up a newspaper and read it.  A physical newspaper. A dead tree. Killed for my enjoyment. Take that, hippies.

Unlike many of my contemporaries, I enjoy reading the newspaper. I’m not hardcore like some people. I don’t read the whole thing, front to back. I avoid the boring sh*t. My focus generally lends itself to the sports page and whatever else I have time for. Still, even that little bit of interaction with the printed word makes me a rare breed in this day and age.

Newspapers are failing. It’s no big secret. They’ve been in disrepair for the better part of the past decade. As the internet has become the world’s premier source for information, newspapers have taken a backseat in people’s everyday lives. Why read a paper when you can have news delivered instantly to your computer? It’s a fair question, and one that cannot be logically refuted.

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The problems with blogging, and the downfall of the newspaper industry

newspaperAfter reading this post from Geoff Baker of The Seattle Times earlier today, I felt compelled to weigh in on the matter of blogging versus what we consider real journalism.

The newspaper industry is one that is close to my heart. I’ve worked in it, and so have members of my family for a long time. A lot of my upbringing is thanks to the newspaper industry.

That said, newspapers have done nothing to help themselves over the years in warding off the internet era and maintaining relevance.

While it is easy for someone on either side of the spectrum (the blogging side, or real journalism side) to criticize the other side, the fact is that if newspapers want to survive they will need to embrace blogging and realize that this is how society gets its information these days. All the pressure is on the newspaper business, while bloggers will continue to pop up everywhere on a daily basis.

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