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You’re Next, Nebraska

Nebraska has a great football program. Let’s tip our caps to them for all that they’ve achieved. Good for you, Cornhuskers. You’re college football royalty.

That said, you’re going down on Saturday. Game on and game over.

Washington can beat Nebraska, should beat Nebraska, and has the home crowd to help them beat Nebraska. Husky Stadium is one of the toughest places to play in the nation. The Dawgs are coming off a 41-20 pasting of Syracuse. We’re on the rise. We want this. We need this. This is the game to dictate a season. It’s do or die. Crunch time.

We’ve got one of the best quarterbacks in the nation under center, a big play receiver who looks like a superhero these days, and the swagger to topple anyone right now. We’ve got this.

Seven (7) days until Nebraska gets smoked. The countdown is on.