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The Weekend Rundown

Idaho Washington FootballHere’s what you may have missed if you spent the past weekend under a rock, in Afghanistan, or just generally being ignorant to the world around you.


Perhaps the only weekend of the season where all three major in-state football teams — the Huskies, Cougars, and Seahawks — had a legitimate shot at winning games. Well, at least we thought it was a legitimate shot. We were wrong about one team.

The Huskies began the day, smoke machine and all, by treating the Idaho Vandals the way any WAC team should be treated.

From kickoff, the game belonged to Washington. Scratch that, it actually belonged to the referees, who went all Ike Turner on the Vandals. Idaho racked up penalties on seemingly every first quarter play. Maybe it was Washington’s talent overwhelming them, or maybe they’re just notorious cheaters. Either way, I can’t say I’ve ever seen more than one first-and-30 situation for the same team in any given game until Saturday. Thank you, Idaho.

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The Perpetual Black Eye Is Headed To Michigan

gregpaulusOnly Greg Paulus would be willing to stay in college one more year to touch a guy’s ass.

At least that’s what the former Duke point guard hopes to do in transferring to Michigan for his fifth and final year of NCAA eligibility.

Paulus and his trademark black eye intend to compete for the Wolverines’ open quarterback job, where head football coach Rich Rodriguez has assembled a mish-mash crew of borderline talent.

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