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Fixing the Guaranteed Contract Situation

Think buyout.
Think buyout.

How do we fix the guaranteed contract situation of the NBA and MLB?

Whereas the NFL has a hard salary cap in place that allows contracts to be terminated at a moment’s notice (like any other job in America), the other two major professional sports leagues have a tendency to overpay mediocre players for long periods of time, often handicapping franchises and angering fans.

There is a solution, beyond resorting to the NFL cap and non-guaranteed contracts, and it’s called commission. Yes, commission. A performance-based adjusting pay scale that is determined on a year-to-year basis. Here’s how it would work:

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Pro Sports Have Lost Their Kid Appeal

nbaonnbcAs a kid growing up in the ’80s and ’90s, your typical Saturday morning meant one thing: the NBA on NBC.

Admit it, every time you hear the familiar tune of “Heart of a Champion,” you’re transported back to a childhood weekend in front of the old-school Hitachi TV set. There’s Marv Albert, calling the game. Mike Fratello providing commentary. Bob Costas, Peter Vecsey, and Hannah Storm in studio. Michael Jordan going head-to-head with John Starks. Those were the days.

Back then, professional sports made it their mission to reach out to the youth of the world. Primetime games were played at 10:00 AM on Saturday mornings. Shows like NBA Inside Stuff with Ahmad Rashad were geared towards engaging a younger crowd, as well as adults. Even the NBA All-Star Weekend featured a pre-event tailored especially for pre-pubescents. The stars of yesteryear were role models (despite what Charles Barkley might profess), and the best of the best capitalized on their kid-friendly fame to expand their fan base (think M.J. in Space Jam).

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Remember the NBA? My trip to a Blazers game.

We don’t have an NBA team anymore, so I had to go to Portland to watch basketball played at its highest level (thanks, local government).  That’s where I was Monday night, amidst a crowd of rabid red-and-black emblazoned fans, cheering on the Trailblazers as they battled the visiting Philadelphia 76ers.  This is my chronicle of the night’s events.  Enjoy.

Inside the Rose Garden.
Inside the Rose Garden.

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Welcome to the Nate Rob Show!

naterobIn case you haven’t noticed, former Husky Nate Robinson is killing the competition lately.  Forget the dunk contest, that was cool, but it was strictly for kicks and giggles.  I’m talking about the real thing, NBA ballgames.  Nate is having a huge impact on the fate of the New York Knicks, becoming a one-man scoring machine and putting up offensive numbers like he was playing in an And 1 street ball tourney.  It’s ridiculous.

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Playing with ESPN’s NBA Trade Machine

kevindurantadammorrisonYes, it’s that time of year again.  The time when ESPN  proudly displays their greatest invention, the NBA Trade Machine, for all us laypeople to experiment with.  If you’ve never fooled around with the NBATM before, CLICK HERE to get started.  Basically, the trade machine allows you to incorporate up to three NBA teams and begin trading players amongst the teams, taking into account the salary cap and other factors that would influence real-life deals.  Here are some trades I’ve worked out already today.

Trade #1:

Los Angeles Lakers get: Tyson Chandler, Mouhamed Sene, Kyle Weaver, Nick Collison, Earl Watson, Russ Westbrook, and Damien Wilkens.

Oklahoma City Thunder get: Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol.

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