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LeBron To The Timberwolves? Believe It!

Ah, Facebook. You have to love it. It’s the only place where you can create outlandish fan pages, groups, and profiles, and then invite other people to share in your creation. And thus we have the “LeBron James to the Timberwolves 2010” Facebook group.

I was checking Seattle Sportsnet’s Facebook profile this morning when I came across an invitation to join the LeBron-Timberwolves group. I was about to decline the invitation, based on relevance, when I paused and thought twice about the issue.

First, what are the odds that LeBron actually signs with Minnesota in the summer of 2010? I’d say somewhere around one-in-a-billion. Maybe one-in-a-trillion. King James will become a Timberwolf (Timberwolve?) around the same time that Rush Limbaugh fathers a child of Afro-Mexican ethnicity.

Second, why not root for the underdog? If LeBron actually did sign with the Minnesota Timberwolves it would be the feel-good story of the century. The lowly T-Wolves. Whudathunkit?

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My Sincerest Apologies To Lamar Odom

lamarkhloeOkay, Lamar Odom. You win.

After watching the Khloe and Lamar wedding episode on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it’s pretty much impossible to hate on the Lakers forward anymore. I actually feel bad for picking on the guy all these years.

I’ll admit, I said some nasty things about Lamar.

I stated that it looked like he was marrying a Chyna clone.

I mentioned that he was an inconsistent underachiever who was the NBA’s version of J.D. Drew.

I even went so far as to nickname him Lam-O Kardashian.

I retract all my previous statements. Lamar Odom is worthy of my affection.

I’m convinced that if anyone cheats in this relationship, it will be that wife of us his and not him. Crazy, I know. But if you saw the episode, you know what I’m talking about.

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Top 11: NBA All-Ugly Team (With Pictures)

buttuglyThe NBA season is underway and you know what that means. Time to determine the ugliest players in the league.

I know what you’re thinking: That’s not very nice of you to pick on the uglies. Well frankly, you’re right. But the way we see it, a lot of these homely fellows do this to themselves. They over-tat their canvas of a body, they fail to get their hair cut adequately, they refuse to shave, things like that. And if that doesn’t sway you, these guys are making millions of dollars to play a game, so there.

We’ve divided this list into three segments. Nos. 11-7 are the All-Ugly Second Team. Nos. 6-2 are the All-Ugly First Team. And of course No. 1 is the All-Ugly MVP.

For the record, we considered calling this the All-Brooke Hundley Team, but we figured some of you might not get the reference. Oh well.

On to the list!

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NBA Tipoff Is A Painful Reminder Of What Our City Had

sonicsoldlogo2I’ve already tried like five different times to write this article and it’s next to impossible. Sometimes you just have to stop trying and speak from the heart, and that’s what I intend to do.

I miss the Sonics. The NBA season starts tomorrow and it means nothing to me. Nothing.

I could care less who wins a championship, could care less whether LeBron has an MVP-type season, could care less what happens as the season transpires.

I’ve been reading this week’s Sports Illustrated, the NBA preview edition, and everything rings hollow. The articles are empty, the words are meaningless, the pictures are gray, the entire thing barely occupies my consciousness. I read it out of habit more than anything else.

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Sonicsgate: An Absolute Must-See

sonicsgateIf you haven’t been following Sonicsgate, you need to.

A group of Sonics fans passionate enough to make a movie about the destruction and abduction of our once-proud NBA franchise are set to unveil their completed work to the world in one week.

A sold-out preview screening of the feature film will take place on Friday, October 9th at the Seattle International Film Festival cinema in Seattle.

An encore screening will occur on the following evening, Saturday, October 10th, at 8:00 PM at Pacific Place. Tickets can be purchased for $6.00 apiece by clicking here.

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Delonte West Doing His Best Maurice Clarett Impression

delontewestThe Delonte West saga continues in Cleveland.

The former Seattle Supersonic was absent from the Cavaliers’ first practice of the season today, after an offseason filled with turmoil. His absence was unexcused.

West — who way back when we dubbed one of the weirdest-looking athletes in existence — was recently arrested for carrying half the cheat code set of Grand Theft Auto in his car.

After being pulled over for a moving violation in Maryland, police discovered two handguns and a shotgun, all fully loaded, hidden in a guitar case in West’s vehicle. No word on whether brass knuckles, a baseball bat, a chainsaw, a sniper rifle, or money from hookers could be secured.

Frankly, if you’d ever seen Delonte West up close or simply heard him speak, you might not be all too surprised to find out he’s an amateur gangster. Not to be judgmental or anything.

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Greg Ostertag Is Only 36?!

gregostertagThere’s a rumor going around that former Utah Jazz center Greg “The Big O” Ostertag is on the verge of an NBA comeback. The 7’2″ big man worked out for the Portland Trailblazers last week, but has his heart set on a return to Salt Lake City, a city he called home for 11 seasons.

Ostertag retired from the league in 2006 and has been living in Arizona ever since.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Ostertag’s retirement and pending comeback is that the University of Kansas product is only 36 years of age. Thirty-six! I pegged him for about 40, seeing as how the guy made his NBA debut when I was 11 years old. Samsonite, I was way off.

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