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Mister Leach’s Wild Ride

Just a few short months ago, nearly every word publicly uttered by Mike Leach was greeted with amusement and whimsy. In the sanctity of the offseason, Leach could do no wrong. There were no games to be won or lost, no press conferences filled with tough questions from the media, no speculation over how the next contest could end up less frustrating than the last.

Back then, Leach was a hero. Fans were dreaming of immediate success, pausing only briefly to consider the possibility that their team might not prevail every time it took to the field on gameday. Mike Leach was a guru. Mike Leach was a winner. Mike Leach was hired to usher in a tradition of success that would become a staple of Washington State football for years to come.

And then reality hit.

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Open Yo Checkbook, Bitch: How WSU Tapped Mike Leach’s Ass

It’s a true underdog story. Little Washington State University, the fightin’ Cougs, taking on the world and succeeding by landing Mike F**kin’ Leach, head football coach extraordinaire. Inspirational? Yes. Improbable? Certainly. Insane? Basically.

The high school nerd doesn’t just bag the prom queen this easily. There has to be some crazy shit going on behind the scenes. Naked pictures may have been exchanged, blackmail may have ensued, we don’t know for sure. But what we can safely assume is that there has never been a more exciting day in Wazzu history than November 30th, 2011. Never. Imagine if the local John Deere store had a going-out-of-business sale. Or if Oroweat decided to work exclusively with farmers on the Palouse. Those are the only banner events that I could see creating more excitement for the Crimson-and-Gray faithful than what occurred on Wednesday.

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Danica’s tat taken out of latest SI bikini shoot.  I know.  I read that wrong the first time too.

Selig: Don’t blame me for steroids.  Bud: Don’t blame me for telling you to go f*ck yourself.

Nats prospect Esmailyn Gonzalez falsified name, age.  He said he was 19.  He’s actually 23-year-old Carlos Lugo.  My first clue would have been “Esmailyn.”

Nate Robinson goes for 32 and 10 against Spurs.  Boo.  Yah.

Texas Tech’s Leach could be fired for not signing extension.  File that away under “Problems Tyrone Willingham Will Never Have.”

Hornets trade Tyson Chandler to Thunder.  Welcome to Hell!  The locker room is down the hall, right next to the Fiery Pit of Eternal Doom.  Remember New Orleans?  Remember Chris Paul?  That was fun, wasn’t it?  Well, that’s all over now, allow me to introduce you to Earl Watson….

Saints cut McAllister.  ESPN didn’t have the balls to title this “Saints Drop a Deuce.”