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Ken Rosenthal Might Be On Steroids

jerodmorrisIf you haven’t seen the Outside the Lines video featuring Fox MLB analyst Ken Rosenthal, Philadelphia Inquirer reporter John Gonzalez, and sports blogger Jerod Morris (aka the guy who “insinuated” that Raul Ibanez may have used steroids), it’s definitely prime viewing material.

Maybe you can work it into your daily video rotation, right after Jon Minus Nine, and right before Kendra. The clip can be found HERE, and I implore you to pay attention to Rosenthal’s “I’m-better-than-everyone-else-on-the-planet” mannerisms.

On a side note, much has been made about Morris’ appearance in this video segment. Come on. Do you really think the producers wanted to give him any help when it came to wardrobe and makeup? Please.

I’m pretty sure Rosenthal was getting his balls massaged the entire time he was taping the clip. That’s why they shoot from the chest up.