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Vick Looking To Add Mexican Flavor To Seattle Sports Scene

mikevickSo there’s this rumor floating around that Michael Vick could be on his way to Seattle. The perpetrators of the story come from Yahoo Sports, where the good folks over there have a knack for stirring up controversy when other media outlets won’t. Here’s a link to the article.

You had to see this coming, of course. Seattle is a liberal city, and the Hawks happen to employ Vick’s former head coach and GM. We talked briefly about this in a post from November, which you can find here.

My take on the matter is simple. I’m all for the Hawks signing Vick purely as a football-related move.

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What If Michael Vick Was White?

vickWhat would the world think of Michael Vick if the former NFL quarterback was white?

Would we be as quick to blame him for his past mistakes, including most notoriously the dog fighting ring he was found guilty of operating?

Would we have labeled him a sociopath, as 710 ESPN afternoon host Kevin Calabro has done?

Would we be decrying his freedom, and challenging his opportunity to return to a life that might possibly include a future, once again, in the NFL?

If Michael Vick was white, would we be more forgiving?

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