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Hawks take (ugh) Duck in second round (sigh)

Max Unger
Max Unger

Damn these divided loyalties. First Maurice Morris, then Luke Ridnour, then Jordan Kent, and now this.

The Seahawks drafted Oregon center Max Unger in the second round of the NFL Draft, filling an immediate need on the offensive line. A great pick, save for the fact that Unger is a damn, dirty Duck.

That’s why I’m setting the bar for Unger ridiculously high. In order to fully impress me, Unger will need to snap the most beautiful ball to Matt Hasselbeck at least 99% of the time. I expect that ball to be glowing when Matthew pulls it from Unger’s behind. And should Unger ever cross paths with a Seahawk fan, I expect him to address said fan as “sir,” or “ma’am.” Because we expect a certain level of decency around these parts. Not like that barbaric outpost Eugene.

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