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The PTBNL Podcast – Episode 7: Russell Wilson’s Abstinence, Fireworks-Related Injuries, and the Future of the Mariners’ Broadcast Team

If you’ve found yourself wondering what the Seattle Mariners broadcast team will look like in 2016 — Is Dave Sims getting canned? Will Aaron Goldsmith be back? How long can Jay Buhner stay squishy? — we’ve got the inside analysis in this week’s podcast.

In addition, the inimitable Matt Holt joins the show to talk about the hilarity (I mean, tragedy) of fireworks-related injuries among pro athletes, the craziness of the DeAndre Jordan free agency saga, Robinson Cano’s stomach issues, Russell Wilson’s abstinence, and much more!

Seattle Sportsnet TV: The Dunk Contest

In our first installment of Seattle Sportsnet TV, an impromptu dunk contest breaks out between a gang of pseudo-ballers and Olympic high jump hopeful and University of Washington alum Norris Frederick. Cameo appearances by The Amazing Aaron, The Ginger Kid, and The Dude in the Shirt.

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A Nuckin Futs Account of Gameday Debauchery

*Editor’s note: This is really long.

Nuckin futs and unbuckingfelievable are two of my all-time favorite sayings. You can have so much fun with those phrases without crossing any lines of decency. Like doing root beer kegstands. Woohoo.

You’re probably thinking I’m referring to the Huskies’ double-overtime victory over Oregon State with that headline up there. And I am. In part.

In actuality, the entire day from start to finish was nuckin futs, not just the nearly four hours of game play that unfolded at Husky Stadium on Saturday evening. And so, because I believe in full disclosure (or at least almost full disclosure), and because I feel it’s valuable to take you through a fan’s gameday experience, I give you this detailed account of Tailgate Saturday. All I ask up front is that you please forgive me. Apologies.

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