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Karate Emergency Ep. 19: Matt Calkins, the Classy Meerkat


Seattle Times columnist Matt Calkins joins the show to discuss his latest feature on Marshawn Lynch’s retirement and the timing of the announcement. Was Marshawn’s announcement really lacking in “class”? And how have terms like this evolved to become so divisive in the world of sports today?

We also take some time to remember the Super Bowl and delve into a controversial topic that involves a quarterback who was at the game, but did not throw a single pass.

We spend a solid two minutes on Husky Hoops, before rounding out the show with This Week in ’90s History and an impromptu ranking of the best actors to ever play Batman.

All this as the O.G. Meerkat joins us in studio for the 19th installment of Karate Emergency!

Karate Emergency Ep. 2.15: Twisters and Porn


The gang returns from Christmas break with two weeks of catching up to do, including a tornado survival story.

The Huskies won the Heart of Dallas Bowl (and indulged in some of Dallas’s finest adult entertainment, as well), the Seahawks are ravaged by injuries (but at least Marshawn Lynch is still active), and NFL fans are about to be subjected to the same treatment those of us who loved the Sonics once endured.

All of that, plus the debut of This Week in ’90s History in the final show of 2015. Happy new year!

Marshawn Lynch’s Mom is on the #FireBevell Bandwagon

Good news! If you’re one of the many Seahawks fans who would like to see someone other than current offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell calling plays, Marshawn Lynch’s mother agrees with you.

Mama Lynch posted the following diatribe on her public Facebook profile on Monday night:


I guess it might be time to gas up the #FireBevell bandwagon once again.

An Open Vent: The Marshawn Lynch Saga That Will Not Die

lynchI love Marshawn Lynch. He is the curator of some of our greatest memories as sports fans and without a doubt one of the greatest athletes this city has ever seen. At this point in his decorated career, Lynch needs no colorful introduction. He is simply one of the most accomplished figures in Seattle sports history.

By contrast, I hate this incessant Marshawn Lynch versus “the media” saga that will not die. Of late, this story has spiraled to the point of fans crafting a petition to keep the NFL and the media from “bullying” Lynch by interviewing him after games. This is so incredibly stupid.

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You Don’t Need the National Media’s Approval, Seahawks Fans

lynchIf you’re looking for a surreal experience, take a drive past the Seahawks practice facility over the next few days and feast your eyes upon the ghost town that sits upon the shores of Renton’s sliver of Lake Washington. The usually bustling Virginia Mason Athletic Center is vacant, save for a handful of cars in the parking lot and a few inconspicuous employees middling around the building, everyone else having departed for a game, just a game, to be played three-thousand miles away.

For a week, at least, the Seahawks belong not to the Pacific Northwest but to the nation, one of two teams that America will choose to root for come Super Bowl Sunday. These are your Seahawks, our Seahawks, Seattle’s Seahawks, certainly. But as the week wears on, a bandwagon will swell beyond capacity as onlookers the world around pick sides, opting between our squad and those other guys from Denver.

This is what we’ve always wanted, isn’t it? For the bulk of the past three years, as the Hawks have marched towards uber-relevance and the fan base has subsequently multiplied, the 12th Man has decried the lack of regard from those deemed nationally important. There were never enough segments on the radio, features on television, or inches in our favorite publications to satisfy our Blue Fridays – and Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, too.

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Seattle’s Own, Marshawn Lynch

I’m convinced that Marshawn Lynch is irreplaceable. I know. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Running backs are a dime a dozen in the NFL. Overpaying for a ball carrier is flat-out silly. They’re like iPods, those running backs. The battery life is short, and there’s seemingly a new version out every other year. Why waste your money on an old one when a fresher, cheaper, sleeker model is ready to come off the line as we speak?

It’s foolish, really. Marshawn Lynch should be replaceable. There should be a thousand Marshawn Lynches out there. Maybe they’re still in college. Maybe they’re on some other team’s practice squad. Maybe they’re backing up a Hall of Famer somewhere. But they should be around.

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Marshawn Lynch’s Last Name In A Headline Can Get You In Trouble

So be careful with that, fellow sports writing brethren. We don’t need to be channeling an NWA track up in this biz. Word.

Anyways, let’s talk about Marshawn Lynch. Why not, right? We don’t have anything else to talk about. And frankly, Lynch is an intriguing topic of conversation now that he’s the most recent newest member of the Seahawks (not be confused will all those other newest members of the Seahawks who came before him).

The most amazing factoid I digested about Lynch in the past few days is this: he’s only 24 years old. Amazing, I know. I figured he was at least 27, if not older. I’ve been hearing this dude’s name for most of the past decade, if only because he played his college ball in the Pac-10. Still, just retaining memories of someone for that long will play tricks on your mind. For that reason alone, I figured he was nearing the deadly running back plateau of 30. Clearly, I was wrong.

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The Brutally Honest NFL Preview: AFC East

Can Sanchez build a winner in New York?
Can Sanchez build a winner in New York?

The fourth installment of our 2009 NFL Preview. Teams are ranked by projected finish.

1. New York Jets

You’re on crack, you’re on dope, you’re on LSD, you’re high, you’re intoxicated, you’re a homer (I’m not from New York), you’re insane, you’re gay.

Fact is I’m none of these things, but chances are you’re thinking it about me right now because a) this is New England’s division, b) the Dolphins are expected to be as good or better than the Jets, and c) major publications like Sports Illustrated have picked New York to finish no better than third in the AFC East. Lucky for me, I have no credibility and hence nothing to lose in making this prognostication. Allow me to explain.

First, why not the Pats or Fins?

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