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The Essence of the Male Jersey Chaser

Jersey chasers, as we know them, tend to be female. They gravitate towards athletes from all walks of life — superstars and scrubs alike — to promote their own reputations against the backdrop of ephemeral friendships with equally-ambitious females based more or less on the cattiness of competition and status. That, or they just want to have sex with those athletic demigods who don the requisite jerseys. But I prefer the former definition because it was filled with bigger words and took me longer to write.

Be that as it may, I’ve often found fault with the traditional outlook on these usurpers of the uniform. While we critique women, fine creatures that they are, for their pursuit of these physically-gifted pantheons of humanity (translation: rich, athletic guy who will likely cheat on you at first opportunity because there are a million of you and only a few of him), we frequently ignore the presence of the male jersey chaser.

Yes, friends, the male jersey chaser does exist. And while he is often ignored by the masses, it is important that we pay him his proper due. For the male jersey chaser, in spite of an utter lack of acknowledgement, has maintained quite the stranglehold over the sports world for decades.

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