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Luke Harangody Is Habanero Weak Sauce

Luke Harangody is a senior who is sitting on the bench with a bone bruise in a sweater vest while his team fights for its postseason life. A sweater vest, people. A swest.

We’ve been hearing about how great this guy is from the east coast media for four years. And now, at the pinnacle of that four-year career, the Notre Dame forward isn’t even playing. Because he has a bruise.

Jon Brockman is a member of the Sacramento Kings these days, but last year, as a senior at Washington, he was supposedly a poor man’s Luke Harangody. You know, because he’s shorter than Harangody. Or doesn’t have red enough hair. Or something stupid like that.

All I know is, Brockman spent his entire career as a living, breathing bone bruise. And he didn’t miss important games because of it. If something wasn’t broken, bruised, sprained, or tweaked, then something was wrong with Jon Brockman. Maybe he wasn’t playing hard enough or something. Took a day off.

Hell, Brockman was so badass that we come to find out a year later that he played his entire senior season with a broken hip. Not a bone bruise. A broken hip. A man’s injury.

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