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Kam Chancellor’s Stupid, Pouty Holdout

chancellor-750x256In the seminal romantic sports movie Love & Basketball, star-crossed lovers Quincy McCall and Monica Wright share a passion for the titular subjects, love and basketball. As next door neighbors throughout their childhood, Quincy and Monica succumb to attraction in their final year of high school and carry their affair to college, where Quincy finds himself on the USC men’s basketball team and Monica on the USC women’s squad.

As both freshmen deal with the pressures of college athletics, the angst of Quincy’s tumultuous family life creeps in and threatens to destroy the seemingly idyllic romance the pair have crafted. When Monica cannot provide the emotional support Quincy desires in a time of need, a heated argument ensues and Quincy, understandably hurt and frustrated, abruptly breaks off his relationship with Monica. As the story progresses years into the future, we learn that our two protagonists have not reconciled and their love, forever buried in the heat of a teenager’s ire, may never again resurface.

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