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Everything You Need to Know About That Porn Star Putting Peyton Siva on Blast on Twitter

jennasheaYou gotta give Jenna Shea some credit. There may be no better time in history to call out Peyton Siva than in the midst of what we can only imagine to be his life’s crowning achievement to date. She saw her window and she jumped at the chance to gain a little notoriety. That’s the kind of enterprising spirit any media whore can appreciate.

For those who may have missed the interaction, here are the tweets that sparked a social media firestorm after Louisville’s National Championship victory:

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Jesus had Louisville: An interview with our Lord

jesusbasketballMoments after the Elite Eight matchup between Michigan State and Louisville came to an end, Westwood One radio coralled MSU guard Travis Walton and asked him his thoughts on the Spartans’ victory and advancement to the Final Four.  Without necessarily answering the question, Walton replied, “Thank you, Jesus!  This team is blessed.”

A seemingly harmless response, unless you know Jesus like we do.  Here at Seattle Sportsnet, we caught up with Jesus Christ himself, and asked Him His thoughts on the game, as well as the rest of the NCAA Tournament field.  Suffice it to say, He wasn’t pleased with Walton’s outburst.

SSN: Jesus Christ, let’s get right to it.  Did you do anything to help Michigan State win this basketball game?

JC: God, no.  I had Louisville winning it all, for My sake.  I did My best to help Terrence Williams find his shot, but I can only perform so many miracles in such a short amount of time.  Just ask Scottie Reynolds.

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Please God, make this man a Lion
Please God, make this man a Lion

Send Jay Cutler to the Lions, that’ll show him. If John Clayton says it, it must be true.  And right now J.C. is saying that the only two NFL teams capable of trading for Broncos QB Jay Cutler are the Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions.  Yes.  Send him to Detroit where he can camp behind a shaky O-line and play in front of a morbid fan base.  There could be no greater justice in sports.

What’s worse than being a women’s college basketball analyst? Today on Sportscenter, NCAA Women’s College Basketball analyst Kara Lawson was being asked her take on the Women’s NCAA Tournament.  It was like listening to Charlie Brown’s teacher.  I heard “UConn” a bunch, then noise, then some more noise.  Mostly, I feel bad for Kara Lawson.  What does she do the rest of the year?  And I’m sure she has to have a grasp on the fact that few people care about what she’s saying.  Hopefully the paycheck atones for all that.

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