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Introducing 12s to Lofa Tatupu

LofaTatupuWho is that assistant linebacker’s coach the Seahawks just hired? Why is he so important? And why is everyone so excited to have him aboard?

These are questions you may find yourself asking in the wake of the recent news about the hiring of one Lofa Tatupu, new assistant linebacker’s coach for your Seattle Seahawks. And your questions are certainly valid. How often do we really get excited about an assistant’s assistant, anyway? And why this assistant’s assistant, for that matter?

You’re very lost and confused. You’ve been a 12 since 2012, but this name rings no bells. Tatupu? Can’t remember hearing that one tossed around the water cooler at work. Fear not, good 12. Despite your relative lack of devotion to a sports franchise which you’ve blindly pledged your faith, we’re here to help. Let’s begin, shall we?

The legend of Lofa Tatupu begins precisely one decade ago, in a simpler time, before the advent of Twitter, or iPhones, or even Super Bowl XLVIII neck tattoos. It is a legend that spans just six years, and yet one that radiates as bright as the dazzling incandescence of a colossal supernova. Tatupu, you see, was a vibrant, lustrous star. But we’ll table his legend for now. Because in order to be properly introduced to greatness, one must first understand what greatness is not.

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Seattle, We Have A Problem

I love this city, but we have a problem.

As much as we’d all like to pretend we’re the best fans in the sports universe, we’re not. There are too many of us who let emotion get in the way of logic. We have a tendency to run to Facebook and Twitter and put our teams on blast with every move they make. We can’t discern good from bad, positive from negative. We lack knowledge. And it’s evident on a daily basis.

Matt Hasselbeck and Lofa Tatupu are just two of the latest examples of our little problem.

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Seahawks Should Consider Trading Lofa Tatupu

lofatatupuTrade Lofa Tatupu? That’s just crazy talk. He’s a Pro Bowler, a captain, and seemingly every fan (myself included) wears his jersey on gameday. All things included, from his on-field leadership to his marketing capabilities, this is a bonehead move. Right?


In just five seasons, Tatupu has established himself as one of the greatest defensive players in Seattle Seahawks history. A three-time Pro Bowl selection (2005, 2006, 2007) and an All-Pro (2007), the team’s middle linebacker is one of the faces of this franchise, along with Matt Hasselbeck.

Why trade him then?

Three reasons:

1) Because he’s valuable.

2) Because a worthy replacement is already on the roster.

3) Because the Seahawks are two years away from seriously contending.

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