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The 2014 Seattle Mariners Experience: Week 4 – Kyle Seager Goes to Pound Town

seagerwalkoffFor last week’s recap, click here.

Week 4

Week’s Win-Loss Record: 3-3

Overall Win-Loss Record: 10-14

Winning Percentage: .417

Division Standing: Fourth place, 5.0 games back

Week’s Opponents: Houston Astros (3 games) – Home; Texas Rangers (3 games) – Home

Playoff Status: Not mathematically eliminated

Team Morale: Bipolar

Pound Town. A quirky little hamlet with a mercurial population, Pound Town is a place people often go to have a great time. To many, Pound Town is simply the world’s greatest vacation spot for coitus. “Take your lady to Pound Town!” they’ll say. And they’re right, Pound Town does reside at the intersection of foreplay and intercourse.

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The Case For Kyle Seager, Mariners Shortstop

First of all, shortstop isn’t that hard. It isn’t. You play deep enough so you can field every grounder hit your way, you scoop up said grounder, and then you throw the ball to first. Occasionally, you’ll have to cover second or third. Every now and then, you’ll take a relay throw. In between, you’ll stand around, kick the dirt, spit, smack the palm of your glove, hold one or two fingers above your head, chatter, and just generally try to look good out there for all the people watching. Don’t put the position on a pedestal. It’s not that freakin’ hard.

Baseball as a whole isn’t that hard. Sorry, but it isn’t. Scouts and old guys who follow the game will have you believe otherwise, but that’s mostly because they’re fat asses who couldn’t field a turtle. Plus, they want their opinions and numbers to mean something. So if they portray baseball as this difficult endeavor, maybe you’ll listen to what they have to say every time they open their mouths. Whatever.

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M’s Build Towards Future With Draft, Morrow

ackleyShortly after pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg was off the board with the first selection in the 2009 MLB draft, the Seattle Mariners made their highest draft pick since 1993, a year in which they selected a shortstop by the name of Alex Rodriguez with the No. 1 overall choice.

Following the Washington Nationals’ pick of Strasburg may have been like following the Cleveland Cavaliers 2003 NBA draft selection of Lebron James, but rest assured the Mariners did their best to come away with someone a little better than Darko Milicic.

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